Sidney Charles – Justice

Sidney Charles - Justice

Sidney Charles makes an impressive debut on Intec with his brand-new “Justice” EP. While the German producer is mostly known for his groovy warehouse sound, in the last two years he’s made a gradual change towards a somewhat tougher style by releasing a few tracks with some more techno influences. This three-track EP is a great testament to that change, for it provides a mix of both styles and therefore it’s likely to be well received by techno and tech house fans alike.

The EP opens with the long awaited track “Justice”, which is definitely the most melodic and uplifting of the bunch. Early on, the mood is set by a hazy pad, high-pitched chord hits and an analogue bass sequence, which lead to the break at the four minute mark where the main melody is unleashed. There’s something about this track that gives it somewhat of a timeless quality, for it premiered about a year ago on Drumcode Radio, but still, it sounds fresh among today’s releases, which is an impressive feat.

“Leaf” differs quite a bit from Sidney’s usual productions, for it’s a pretty minimalistic track that lacks most of the usual funky elements that you’d expect from him. Aside from the somewhat characteristic percussion, he’s incorporated dreary basses and shrill and hollow ambiances, which are components that one would find in a The Reactivitz production. It might be a step into new territory for the German producer, but for me, it’s the track that stands out least on this EP.

Things pick up again with “Botafoch”, the final addition to this EP. It consists of many different layers, which are gradually being introduced during the course of this track. Starting out with refined percussion, subdued bleeps and an understated bass stab, Sidney has laid out a modest foundation for the mayhem that’s about to unfold. With the addition of eerie pads, gasping vocal mutters and rhythmic synth loops that almost sound mechanical, he has found just the right elements to transform a late night atmosphere into a club setting.

Sidney Charles’ “Justice” EP is out now on Intec.

Durtysoxxx – Deja Vu

Durtysoxxx - Deja Vu

US-based Funk’n Deep Records, headed up by Durtysoxxx, has been one of the fastest-growing brands in the techno scene, particularly in the past year, with huge releases coming from artists like D-Unity, The Reactivitz, Spartaque, Skober, and more. The support they’ve been getting is well deserved, and we are proud to be reviewing this release from the main man himself.

The original mix is dark, driving, and straightforward, using classic vocals to add that extra emotional touch. The producer uses a few short breaks to provide an extra bit of tension that release with a bomb-shell blast as the track drops, an effect that’s a bit reminiscent of some of Raffaele Rizzi’s recent productions. The elements of darkness and groove are balanced to perfection, resulting in a tune that won’t be forgotten quickly.

Up next is a remix from Peter Bailey, which is our favorite track from the single. This mix is a bit more tech-influced, but still carries the vocal and the darkness from the original. For his mix, Peter has chosen a unique percussion line and pad combo that give the track a memorable, distinctive feel. As the break approaches, a deep and majestic melody rolls in like a siren call.

Sonate closes the release with his own interpretation of the track, and this version is by far the heaviest of the three. He makes use of the reverb from the original vocal for an ambient effect, and introduces a stab that becomes a hook at the end of the break.

“Deja Vu” is out now on Funk’n Deep Records.

Slam – Soma Track Series Vol.3

Slam - Soma Track Series Vol.3

Slam is still going strong with their “Soma Track Series” project. In this third installment, they take on a Richie Hawtin classic from 1993 in order to meet current dancefloor demands. It’s obvious that the Scottish producer duo is saving some of their finest productions for this series, for the quality of this track is just as impeccable as previous releases. What more is there to say? See for yourself why Slam continues to be such an incredible force in today’s techno music.

Slam’s interpretation of Jack Master’s “Bang The Box” is a particularly hard hitting track that’s already being embraced on dancefloors around the world. One could say that this track is somewhat of a blend of “Make You Move” and “Take You There”, but it’s the playfulness of the melodic lead that sets it apart from its counterparts. With the usual elements, like the distinct snare rolls and a repeating vocal sample, Slam delivers an addictive, minimalistic weapon in their unmistakable signature style.

“Soma Track Series Vol.3” is out now on Soma Records.


Kaiserdisco & Fabio Neural – Stay With Me

Kaiserdisco & Fabio Neural - Stay With Me

My writing history probably reflects that Unrilis is quickly becoming one of my favorite labels of this year. After releasing “X-Pollination” and the “Solar” EP, the label decided to invite Kaiserdisco and Fabio Neural to present their absolute stormer of an EP. It should be noted that this EP is quite different from their usual releases, for both producers tend to lean more towards a deeper, tech house-oriented style. I always like to see producers broaden their horizon. Especially when it results in a pleasant surprise, like this EP.

“Stay With Me” starts off with a thumping kick drum, subtle shakers and reverberated ambiences, which set the tone for a fairly minimalistic track that shares a vague resemblance to Roberto Capuano’s “Trust”. I find it quite interesting how the various elements contrast with each other in this track. To illustrate, on one hand you have the tough kick, a rough stab and a trippy synth, but then there’s also the playful shakers, a smooth vocal sample and the soothing ambiences. It definitely makes for an interesting mix, which, as it turns out, works surprisingly well.

As the name suggests, things are kicking into full gear with “Rush”. With a kick drum of the same caliber as “Stay With Me”, rolling percussion that pushes the track forward, subtle, atmospheric pads and a small variety of ecstatic vocal chants, Fabio Neural and Kaiserdisco have managed to create a joyous and thrilling track that’s ready to take you on an exciting journey.

“Stay With Me” is scheduled for release on August 5th on Unrilis.

Love Over Entropy – Sea EP

Today we share the newest EP from Netherlands producer Love Over Entropy (Michel Sanchez-Infante). First appearing in 2013 on Nuno Dos Santos’ label Something Happening Somewhere (SoHaSo), Love Over Entropy really made waves when Dixon retouched his original ‘Tonii.’ We encourage you to check out the back catalogue of Love Over Entropy, Nuno Dos Santos, and the whole label, as there’s tons of new music to discover. But today we highlight the three tracks from Love Over Entropy’s newest EP called ‘Sea’ – the title track, ‘Finisterre,’ and ‘Worth While.’

The title track ‘Sea’ may be instantly recognizable to some, as it’s been getting a lot of love lately. The track revolves around a strong, warm melody complimented with the repetitive vocal of ‘Sea’ and beautiful but not overbearing shimmering synths. ‘Worth While’ is next which takes the listener on a right hand turn into the deep. We recommend listening while while closing your eyes, soaking up every bit of the full acid synth lines and letting the full sound transport you away to some imaginative place. Finally comes ‘Finisterre,’ with its instantly identifiable fuzzy bassline and meticulous chord play. The full EP took us on a great journey, and is one of our new favorites.

Love Over Entropy ‘Sea’ is out today on SoHaSo in digital and vinyl formats!

Shall Ocin – ISO/SCI

It’s been nearly two years since Argentinian producer Shall Ocin (Nicolas Abalos) last released on Maceo Plex’s Ellum label, so today we are happy to share two new tracks ‘ISO’ and ‘SCI.’ Of course, this is not to say that Shall Ocin has not been busy during this time. Nicolas has released originals and remixes on labels such as Herzblut, Bpitch Control, and Hotflush, the latter of which saw one of our favorites, ‘The Cliff.’

The EP opens with ‘ISO’ (first heard back in Nov 2015 in Maceo Plex’s essential mix), which is a dark synth-based piece. The track really grows as it rumbles along, and is a nicely timed piece with the culmination occurring around the 3:30 mark. ‘SCI’ takes a turn for the edgier, with intricate chord stabs and a chunky bassline. This a real techno track right here.

Listen below and let us know what you think! Shall Ocin ‘ISO/SCI’ is out now on Ellum.

Audiomatiques & Mars Bill – Solar

Audiomatiques & Mars Bill - Solar

After the release of “Breath” on Unrilis, which was about a month ago, Mars Bill is back on the label for the release of his collaborative effort with Marco Conte aka Audiomatiques. It’s not the first time the two producers are working together, for they’ve already successfully released tracks on labels like Octopus, MKT and Respekt. Now the journey continues with “Solar”, which contains two originals and a remix by Stephan Hinz. This release can best be described as a varied EP with each track offering something for a completely different setting.

The EP opens with “Solar”, which seems to be mostly defined by Mars Bill’s signature sound. The track starts out strong with bouncy drum rhythms that are hard to resist and slowly builds up with various layers of echoey stabs, rhythmic synth loops and distinct, atmospheric pads that work together really well in this understated, but also festive sounding track.

Stephan Hinz delivers a particularly deep interpretation of the title track. He has taken away most of the momentum from the original, but retained the melodic leads, which have been diluted quite a bit. Additional weary synths contribute to the ambiance of this monotonous track, which isn’t the strongest contribution to this EP, I’d say, but it definitely helps in bringing some variation to the release.

“Theory” has a somewhat softer sound than “Solar”, which seems to carry some more Audiomatiques influences. This becomes really clear when you compare the track to “Rainbow”, a production that he brought out a few months ago. With light percussion and a deep, resonating bass that seems to relay some Timmo influences, the Italian producers have created a foundation for the rigid, but also jittery sounding lead that makes this track a somewhat repetitive journey.

“Solar” will be released on July 15th on Unrilis.