Anjunadeep Label Tour @ Bijou Boston (Yotto, Cubicolor, Jody Wisternoff) 12.2.15

Anjunadeep is currently touring across North America and we had a chance to catch their stop in Boston earlier this week. Spearheaded by resident A&R label man Jody Wisternoff (who is no stranger to Anjunadeep) and supported by newcomers Yotto and Cubicolor (fun fact, Cubicolor is the side project of 16BL), the tour spans 12 dates across Nov and Dec including major and smaller markets like Austin, Chicago, and D.C. We’re thrilled that the label’s music has enough support to warrant this big of a tour!

The night started off with an opening set from Yotto. Playing emotional and melodic originals like ‘Slowly‘, ‘“>Wondering,’ and his new one ‘Personal Space,’ Yotto made for a great opening act that really set the mood. While the crowd was a bit thin for the first half, they definitely recognized his music, and Bijou quickly filled up just in time for Cubicolor to take the stage.

Cubicolor took the decks around 11:45. We’ll be honest that we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Cubicolor’s back catalog is a bit confusing, as the tracks we fell in love with on the first EP ‘New Roads’ and ‘Next Planet’ have a very different feel from ‘Moments,’ and of course ‘Got This Feeling’ really stands alone (the crowd went nuts when they heard this vocal). We felt the set lacked a real cohesive journey and was a bit bass heavy for our liking.

Jody Wisternoff
Finally, Jody took the stage, and there was a palpable sense of excitement in the air. Again we found ourselves surprised at just how well recognized he was – the majority of the crowd was clearly there to see him play. There’s a reason why Jody Wisternoff is so well regarded as a mentor and talent picker for Anjunadeep, and his ability to really guide us was on full display. Dropping Nora En Pure – ‘Come With Me‘ and some of his Anjunadeep classics was the best way to end the night.

Overall we had an awesome night. Make sure to catch Yotto, Cubicolor, and Jody Wisternoff as they finish off the remaining few Anjunadeep nights in North America.

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