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Chaos in the CBD – Midnight In Peckham

This EP has been absolutely blowing me away this month. I became familiar with Chaos in the CBD through their earlier releases on the brilliant Parisian label ClekClekBoom, known for their stripped back House and Techno cuts laced with analog percussion and weird rhythms.

This record is a different ball game though – released on the recently founded Rhythm Section International, it’s drastically more melodic, more layered, and more inclined towards the very heart of true Deep House. The real deal.

The title track in particular, is a masterpiece. From the slightly distorted piano riffing to the gorgeously ethereal trumpet (recorded in-studio by one Isaac Aesili), this tune has more vibes than a bloody vibraphone. Euphoric, soulful, meditative, still groovy.

The rest of the EP follows suit with a generally similar vibe. The focus, incontrovertibly, is on the piano. Every track features a beautifully recorded and sampled piano as its backbone, and the lithe, chilled-out house beats weave their way around those lounging chords and keys, jazzy and understated. Observe has a bit more bounce, and Luxury Motivation is ushered in by a fantastically treated sample, simultaneously tongue-in-cheek and genuinely relevant.

This is house music, real as it gets, and proof that pop culture and its voracious gaze can take nothing away from those that feel it, the truly talented. Thanks very much to Chaos in the CBD for this one.

Pick this record up at RSI’s bandcamp, and don’t forget to check out the rest of their modest but extremely high quality back-catalogue while you’re at it.

Kuedo – Assertion Of A Surrounding Presence

The ever-brilliant Jamie Teasdale is back after something of a hiatus, with a rather gorgeous and excitingly diverse EP on his shiny new Knives imprint. Now I’m no diehard Kuedo fan, but for me this release exemplifies a very compelling evolution in Teasdale’s aesthetic, one that we’ve been seeing for quite some time now. If Severant was a languid swim, Assertion is a grand ascent. The leftfield-Trap-and-footwork-meets-conservative-IDM context of Severant is largely absent, the emphasis receding from the beat of the drum and bringing Teasdale’s knack for texture and timbre to the forefront.

Which is not to say the man has moved entirely away from machine gun hi-hats and deep kickdrums entirely – Eyeless Angel Intervention is a lesson in otherwordly dancefloor aggression.

But what this EP really showcases is the development of some of the more ambient strains that we began to hear in Teasdale’s later work as part of Vex’d. From the intimate Ghost In The Shell percussion of Case Type Classification to the triumphant barrage of noise in the closing track, Cellular Perimeter, this record is all about layered, mile-wide soundscapes.

Grab this EP at Kuedo’s bandcamp (or any of a panoply of other music retailers).