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Love Over Entropy – Sea EP

Today we share the newest EP from Netherlands producer Love Over Entropy (Michel Sanchez-Infante). First appearing in 2013 on Nuno Dos Santos’ label Something Happening Somewhere (SoHaSo), Love Over Entropy really made waves when Dixon retouched his original ‘Tonii.’ We encourage you to check out the back catalogue of Love Over Entropy, Nuno Dos Santos, and the whole label, as there’s tons of new music to discover. But today we highlight the three tracks from Love Over Entropy’s newest EP called ‘Sea’ – the title track, ‘Finisterre,’ and ‘Worth While.’

The title track ‘Sea’ may be instantly recognizable to some, as it’s been getting a lot of love lately. The track revolves around a strong, warm melody complimented with the repetitive vocal of ‘Sea’ and beautiful but not overbearing shimmering synths. ‘Worth While’ is next which takes the listener on a right hand turn into the deep. We recommend listening while while closing your eyes, soaking up every bit of the full acid synth lines and letting the full sound transport you away to some imaginative place. Finally comes ‘Finisterre,’ with its instantly identifiable fuzzy bassline and meticulous chord play. The full EP took us on a great journey, and is one of our new favorites.

Love Over Entropy ‘Sea’ is out today on SoHaSo in digital and vinyl formats!

Shall Ocin – ISO/SCI

It’s been nearly two years since Argentinian producer Shall Ocin (Nicolas Abalos) last released on Maceo Plex’s Ellum label, so today we are happy to share two new tracks ‘ISO’ and ‘SCI.’ Of course, this is not to say that Shall Ocin has not been busy during this time. Nicolas has released originals and remixes on labels such as Herzblut, Bpitch Control, and Hotflush, the latter of which saw one of our favorites, ‘The Cliff.’

The EP opens with ‘ISO’ (first heard back in Nov 2015 in Maceo Plex’s essential mix), which is a dark synth-based piece. The track really grows as it rumbles along, and is a nicely timed piece with the culmination occurring around the 3:30 mark. ‘SCI’ takes a turn for the edgier, with intricate chord stabs and a chunky bassline. This a real techno track right here.

Listen below and let us know what you think! Shall Ocin ‘ISO/SCI’ is out now on Ellum.

Matthias Vogt – Matters feat. Phil Fill (El_Txef_A Live From The Elephant Room)

Matthias Vogt feat. Phil Fill - Matters (The Remixes)

It’s no secret that Anjunadeep is one of our favorite labels. We generally know what to expect, but occasionally there’s a release or remix that’s a bit “out of left field” in a very good way. This is just one of those remixes. Matthias Vogt is a recent addition to the label, with his ‘Seven Summits’ EP last December and ‘Matters’ earlier this year. We’ll be honest and say that while we didn’t fall in love with the original on first listen, this remix really got us excited to listen to the track again. Courtesy of Spanish producer Aitor Etxebarria aka El_Txef_A (his debut no less), we have the ‘Live From The Elephant Room’ remix of ‘Matters.’ Named after the Texas jazz club, this remix incorporates unique and moody jazz elements into the original. We always find it incredibly compelling when a remixer totally changes the style of the original, and this remix is just that. Be sure to check out the other ‘Cosmic Dub’ offering from El_Txef_A and something special from Tom Middleton.

Matthias Vogt – Matters feat. Phil Fill (El_Txef_A Live From The Elephant Room) is out NOW on Anjunadeep

Baikal – Pelican’s Flight EP

Maeve is one of those labels that not everyone may have heard of, but that puts out some of the best sophisticated and unpretentious releases. You may recognize ‘Silver Walks’ from Ed Davenport or Ripperton’s recent one ‘Ordine Gigante‘ which we covered back in December. Next up on Maeve is a two track EP from one of the label’s founding members, Baikal. Baikal may be less of a stranger, having released remixes on Innervisions, Cityfox, and Last Night on Earth, though it’s been a while since an original production.

‘Pelican’s Flight’ opens with the title track. This ten plus minute piece takes its sweet time to build and groove, which we really just adore. It’s not really until 3- 4 minutes in that the track takes off, with sudden and intricate chords, all the while the atmospheric synths continue to grow and build. Set aside 10 minutes, close your eyes, and dive right in.

‘All Forces Occur In Pairs’ rounds out the B-side. This one again features a ten plus minute build, but with much happier and deeper overtones. Light high hats provide a nice back drop for alternating keys. The label’s right when they say “This track will cause you to close your eyes and be carried away to another dimension‚Ķ”

Baikal ‘Pelican’s Flight’ is out now on Maeve Records.

H.O.S.H. – End Of A Chapter EP

H.O.S.H. - End Of A Chapter EP

Many of you will be familiar with German producer and DJ H.O.S.H. who has been a staple for Solomun’s Diynamic label, releasing gems such as his collaboration with Andhim ‘Captain,’ his remix of Abby ‘Halo,’ and his own ‘Cilantropy‘ EP last fall. His newest release ‘End of A Chapter’ finds him trying something a little different via My Favorite Robot’s own label, My Favorite Robot Records. This choice was quite a departure for H.O.S.H. and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. But, we were very pleasantly surprised and quite pleased to hear the direction he’s taking this different sound with three new originals ‘Meloman,’ ‘Aire,’ and ‘Libre.’

First is ‘Meloman,’ a key and stab driven piece that defines the upbeat and techy nature of this EP. As always, the track is incredibly well produced with a great progression and nice, subtle use of sweeps.

‘Aire’ is next with an expansive and truly summer sound, that is perfect for the peak energy time of any set. “Euphoria” is the word that comes to mind!

‘Libre’ closes things out with a darker and more synth-heavy tone.

Be sure to let us know what you think about this one in the comments. H.O.S.H. ‘End Of A Chapter’ is out now on My Favorite Robot Records.

Markus Homm – Anker (Mario Aureo Remix)

Markus Homm - 2soul Remix

Here at Side of Groove we love showcasing recent productions that may have slipped through the cracks and deserve all the press they can get. One such track, in this case a remix, comes courtesy of Mario Aureo, a Berlin based producer who’s released on labels like Knee Deep in Sound, Bondage, and Moodmusic. We really know Mario for his remix of Rampue ‘Leporidae.’

‘Anker’ sees Mario remixing Nuremberg Markus Homm. ‘Anker’ is one of those tracks that grabs you instantly with its clean percussion and groove, building into a real side-stepper without anything too aggressive. This is lounge music at its finest – head down, hands out, and feet tappin’. Enjoy it!!

Markus Homm ‘Anker’ (Mario Aureo Remix) is out now on Bondage Music.

Ryan Davis – From Within EP

Ryan Davis - From Within EP

Ryan Davis may not be a household name, but this Berlin based producer has been hard at work for over a decade. This release marks his first standalone on Anjunadeep, after a remix for Andrew Bayer (Gaff’s Eulogy, 2012, one of our all time favorites) and an appearance on Anjunadeep 06 remixing Olafur Arnalds ‘Only The Winds.’

First of five is ‘Paper Rockets,’ which intros the EP with three minutes of intricate and emotional sounds.

Next is one you’ll likely recognize, ‘Brun,’ which has been a staple amongst Anjunadeep artists since its release on the 7th Deep compilation. When you play this one out, make sure to speed it up to really draw out the grooviness of the melody.

‘Crawne’ is a heavier track, showcasing Ryan Davis’ diversity, with deep moody kicks and drawn out synth lines a la Stephan Bodzin.

‘Undine’ is perfect for late nights highlighted by its driving percussion.

‘Beyar’ closes things out right where they began, with space based vocal samples backed by an ambient piece. The whole EP is really a journey and should be listened through from start to finish.

Ryan Davis ‘From Within’ EP is out now on Anjunadeep.