Bixel Boys – Black December EP

It was only a matter of time until this day would come, and man am I excited. I’ve been following Bixel Boys, the LA-based duo, since I heard their remix of Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T.” and cover of Ciara’s “Ride.” The EP opens with the title track, “Black December,” which is incredibly groovey and dynamic. The track’s sweeping build and subsequent drop is a pleasant surprise and something unexpected from these guys – a nice change of pace with something very melodic. “Red October” rounds off this two track EP. It features a sharp screetching stab, crisp vocal samples, and funky bassline. This is my personal favorite off the EP, and in a league of its own. I expect great things from these guys, and this EP, particularly “Red October,” has only begun to whet my appetite.

Out now on Sweat It Out! Music. Get it here!

2 thoughts on “Bixel Boys – Black December EP

  1. […] their second EP today on NYC’s Nervous Records. After just releasing their prior EP “Black December” a month before, they return with two new originals. The title track off the EP, “Bring […]

  2. […] crowd not know all the lyrics, but I’m hoping this will change throughout the tour. ‘Black December‘ was next, and the crowd approached this one very […]

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