Bob Moses – Days Gone By LP

We are huge fans of Brooklyn based Bob Moses, and after seeing them in Boston back in May, we knew we’d be grabbing a copy of their 10 track album again released on Domino Records. ‘Days Gone By’ is now out in full, after a stream of singles released in the past few days like ‘Tearing Me Up,’ ‘Nothing At All,’ and ‘Too Much Is Never Enough.’ We really loved ‘Tearing Me Up,’ but we really want to highlight the new tracks ‘Like It or Not’ and the title track ‘Days Gone By.’
It’s pretty clear that ‘Like It or Not’ had to open the LP. It’s sound is what epitomizes Bob Moses and made us fell in love the first time we heard any of their music. The track is flawlessly produced and you can really hear each kick, pluck, and clap. The soulful vocals are laid down so smoothly over the crisp percussion.

We also loved ‘Days Gone By.’ We are happy they saved it for the full release. ‘Days Gone By’ showcases the amazing lyrical prowess of Bob Moses and tells a fantastic story. We all got such a sense of longing after listening to it.

Be sure to check out ‘Talk,’ ‘Tearing Me Up,’ and ‘Too Much Is Never Enough’ below.

‘Days Gone By’ is out now!

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