Bob Moses, Mano Le Tough @ Together X Resident Advisor, Middle East Club

Bob Moses
This past Friday we were fortunate enough to see two sets of legends – hot musicians Bob Moses and Berlin-based ENTER favorite Mano Le Tough at our own little Boiler Room, The Middle East Club. This was one of the most talked about Togther Festival events (in collaboration with Resident Advisor) so we just had to be there.

After support from Project Pablo (couldn’t have asked for a better first act), Bob Moses took the stage. To those who are not familiar, Bob Moses (Brooklyn based, consisting of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance) plays live, one mixing while the other plays the guitar. These two guys have really blown up in the past month, and can be found at some of the biggest festivals over the next few weeks – Mysteryland, Movement, and Parklife. Plus, unless you’ve been sleeping, you’ll surely know about their upcoming sold out rooftop party at Output this July. In case your curious, Resident Advisor did a great write up on them last summer. Check it out here.

The guys took the stage at 10pm, and played a 1.5 hour set. We were blown away. Truly live instrumentation can be hard to come by these days, and they played beautifully. Tracks like ‘All I want,’ ‘I Ain’t Gonna Be The First,’ and ‘Grace’ all blended together. Closing things out with a beauty produced by none other than Frank & Tony (well regarded in their own right, they actually spun a secret after party set later that night!).

Mano Le Tough
Soon enough Mano Le Tough took the stage. We were in a treat for a fantastic 2 hour set, a rarity in these parts. Mr. Le Tough transported us to a different reality, and if we closed our eyes long enough, we were fairly convinced we were at Space Ibiza, listening to an evening full of some of ENTER’s finest. About 30 minutes into the set, we heard the faint, yet perfectly distinctive, synths of ‘Solitary Daze.’ He also dropped the SHOW-B remix of the Alice Rose and Jaap Ligthard track ‘I Know Change.’

We also managed to catch Kink’s recent single ‘Cloud Generator’ which sounds so wonderful played live, and really picked up the energy towards the end of the set.

While we were a bit disappointed the set wasn’t more vocal focused (we were so hopeful for tracks like ‘Simulation,’ ‘Primitive People,’ or ‘Can’t Do Without You’), the set was still nevertheless incredible. Of course, the closing track of Hot Chip’s ‘Need You Now’ really put us and the rest of the crowd over the edge, leaving us all yelling ‘one more song.’ A+++ night at a fantastic venue. All around good times.

Until next time!

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