Kuedo – Assertion Of A Surrounding Presence

The ever-brilliant Jamie Teasdale is back after something of a hiatus, with a rather gorgeous and excitingly diverse EP on his shiny new Knives imprint. Now I’m no diehard Kuedo fan, but for me this release exemplifies a very compelling evolution in Teasdale’s aesthetic, one that we’ve been seeing for quite some time now. If Severant was a languid swim, Assertion is a grand ascent. The leftfield-Trap-and-footwork-meets-conservative-IDM context of Severant is largely absent, the emphasis receding from the beat of the drum and bringing Teasdale’s knack for texture and timbre to the forefront.

Which is not to say the man has moved entirely away from machine gun hi-hats and deep kickdrums entirely – Eyeless Angel Intervention is a lesson in otherwordly dancefloor aggression.

But what this EP really showcases is the development of some of the more ambient strains that we began to hear in Teasdale’s later work as part of Vex’d. From the intimate Ghost In The Shell percussion of Case Type Classification to the triumphant barrage of noise in the closing track, Cellular Perimeter, this record is all about layered, mile-wide soundscapes.

Grab this EP at Kuedo’s bandcamp (or any of a panoply of other music retailers).

Rich Pinder & Billy Kenny Feat RogueHeart – Lost Soul EP

Sometimes you come across a track from little known artists that is instantly memorable, and this is a prime example of that kind of track. Rich Pinder, a Doncaster based producer (with less than 100 twitter followers mind you!) teams up with Billy Kenny to create a beautiful collaboration “Lost Soul.” Featuring the vocal talent of RogueHeart (Chrystal Orchard), ‘Lost Soul’ is a deep, groove heavy track with perfect claps, synths, and stabs. The vocal hook is uplifting and solidifies the track as a new style of vocal groove-house, somewhere between the deep stuff coming out of the UK lately and Defected’s style of R&B infused classic house. Prodcuers Ozzi, S. Jay, and Hide&Seek, each offer their own interpretation of the original for the four track EP. Hide&Seek’s rework is our favorite, with its garage focus, crisp percussion, and impressive piano work all while keeping RougueHeart’s vocals in the spotlight.

Out now on All Over It Records! 

Justin Martin & Eats Everything – Hello Mr. Jello

Once upon a time, nearly a year ago, Pete Tong quietly slipped in a track called ‘The Gettup’ into his weekend hot mix. The track was the second collaboration between Dirtybird favorites Justin Martin and Eats Everything in just two months time, after releasing their ‘Feather Fight’ EP on Hypercolour. Now, once again two of the funkiest producers have teamed up to produce another two track EP worth of a signing to Claude Von Stroke’s Dirtybird label. Dirtybird has been busy lately, as this is the second EP to be released after the huge drop of new music on the Dirtybird BBQ compilation (which also included Justin Martin’s track ‘Buggin’). Meanwhile, Eats Everything has been busy with his three month residency at XOYO, and a funky rework of Disclosure’s ‘F For You.’ The first track from the EP ‘Steven Jello’ quickly engages you with a distinct bassline, prominent pulsating synths, and mesmerizing percussion. Dirtybird themselves describe it perfectly when they say “Heads down, feet to the floor, get busy….” and we couldn’t agree more. ‘Kong’ is much more along the lines of what we’ve come to expect from these two, and is our personal favorite. It’s retro, organ like melody shines through with along with gritty synthwork and metronome-like pitched percussion.

Out now Dirtybird.

Dubspeeka – Leaving Home EP

Dext Recordings is a new label, so new that they’ve barely posted on twitter, and their first release is already making waves thanks to Dubspeeka. Dubspeeka is no stranger to us, as we wrote about his ‘Ten Tigers‘ EP on Ideal Audio this past fall. The five track ‘Leaving Home’ EP starts things off with ‘Leaving Home’ which is the one for us. ‘Leaving Home’ strays from Dubspeeka’s typical sound and highlights great usage of a recurring vocal and synth piano notes. Next up is ‘Creature Funk,’ another Dubspeeka original, which centers around a grainy melody and stuttering percussion. Komon and Appleblim (of Aus fame) try their hand at reworking ‘Creature Funk,’ delivering an intricate production with off-beat hi-hats, claps, and a surprisingly light and airy bassline. Komon alone remixes ‘Leaving Home,’ and transforms the original by stripping the vocal and deepening the production. Finally, Dubspeeka closes out the EP with ‘Special Occasion,’ a surefire dancefloor favorite at warehouse parties and techno events. We are really excited for this incredibly varied release, and are curious to see in what direction Dext heads while learning more about them.

Out now on newly launched Dext Recordings.

Catz ‘n Dogz – Booty Comes First / Bones Shakin’

After releasing their “prelude to the summer” BBQ compilation, it was inevitable that more music would soon follow on Von Stroke’s Dirtybird label. The next release is a quick followup to one of our favorites off the EP (‘Drop It‘) from Polish duo Catz ‘n Dogz. ‘Booty Comes First / Bone Shakin’ is their next bass-heavy offering. ‘Booty Comes First’ is our clear favorite, with a bouncin’ vocal that makes the track. Its dark synth compliments the vocal nicely, topped off by excellently places snares. ‘Bone Shakin’ fits perfectly with the other original, as it once again features a signature vocal layered on top of a synth driven bassline in typical Catz ‘n Dogz fashion.

Out now on Dirtybird.

The Crystal Method – Over It feat. Dia Frampton (Bixel Boys Remix)

LA-based duo Bixel Boys, known for their innovative and free remixes of R&B classics, release their third remix this month, after infusing their unique ‘underground sounds for big rooms’ into both Eliza Doolittle’s ‘Walking On Water‘ and Kayper’s ‘Out My Mind.’ This remix sees the duo jumping on the single ‘Over It’ from The Crystal Method’s January album release. Their remix strips out the dub-heavy stylings from the original and replaces them with a bouncy and uplifting bassline. The Bixel Boys make this track much more approachable for a relaxed club-friendly atmosphere while retaining the incredible vocal talent of Dia Frampton. Remixing legendary electronic musicians The Crystal Method is no easy task, and the Bixel Boys should be very proud of what they put together. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our review of their recent set at Cielo in NYC.

Out now as a free download on Soundcloud.

Catz ‘n Dogz – Drop It

We all know the summer festival season is fast approaching, but it doesn’t really hit you until Claude VonStroke releases his personally curated annual Dirtybird BBQ compilation. The San Francisco based label continues to push the boundaries of what genre is best described solely as Dirtybird. The compilation features all the usual suspects like Justin Martin himself, Catz ‘n Dogz, and Justin Jay. In addition to our earlier post about Ardalan’s track “No Excuses” off the compilation, we also enjoyed Catz ‘n Dogz offering “Drop It.” The polish duo of Grzegorz and Wojciech (Greg and Voitek) are no strangers to Dirtybird, releasing their first Dirtybird EP “Catz n Dogz” back in 2007. This duo has seen recent amazing success with their remix of Thomas Schumacher’s “Hush.” “Drop It” showcases the talent these guys have to create innovative sounds with unique bass elements and modulated vocals. Unfortunately the Soundcloud snippet is only a tease, and it makes us want much more. Keep your eyes peeled for our other favorites off the BBQ compilation.

Out now on Dirtybird. Get it here!