dubspeeka – Bela Lugosi

The legendary dubspeeka is back on Truesoul! “Bela Lugosi” acts as a follow-up to both his “Noise” and “Primary” EPs, combining typical Truesoul sounds with heavier and darker elements. For the new EP, Darren has given up the use of conventional titles entirely in favor of his mysterious numbering system.

Opening is “K314,” with its atmospheric sweep and memorable pulsing melody. The use of resonant filters and sliding pads make the track a true masterpiece. Coupled with the distorted kick and simple hat pattern, these elements are a recipe for an instant hit with Truesoul and Drumcode fans alike.

Next is the long and progressive “Ksk3,” which is much darker than a typical Truesoul track. After a relatively brief intro, the repeated hook cycles in, growing and changing until the main break. The break is difficult to describe without using the words “magnificent” or “breathtaking,” as the growling, chill-inducing lead fades in. This section alone is enough to ensure this track’s longevity, and the composition as a whole solidifies its place in techno history.

“Ksk26” brings the light. This one is much more typical of the Truesoul sound, with the metallic, dubbed out drums. Uplifting, bright pads and atmosphere are the main characteristics of this one. The track floats lazily along, adding and subtracting elements as it pleases.

Closing the digital release is “K243,” featuring a broken beat and crunchy percussion loop that provide the underlying structure for a steel beast. The sound here is very experimental, making it a great representative of all that Truesoul is about.

“K319” is a vinyl exclusive which plunges back into the darkness. A hard snare drum sets the groove in place on alternating beats, while tiny phased hats support the track’s movement and life. Eerie vocal snippets and a deep pad create a late night vibe. This track wraps the release up nicely, summing up the current dubspeeka sound.

“Bela Lugosi” is out now digitally on Truesoul, and will be out on vinyl soon!

Diction – Silk Owl

Diction is a fast rising duo. With recent releases on labels like Funk’n Deep and Death Proof Recordings, they are becoming an unstoppable force in the scene. This is their third solo release for the latter label, and a massive one at that.

The EP opens with “Silk Owl.” the track slowly builds until the distinctive hook fades in, where it becomes big-room madness. The vocal sample adds an extra hypnotic touch, a proper display of their masterful production techniques. Part of the power of this track comes from the break where the hook, rides, and vocals cut out completely for a fleeting moment, freezing the pressure at the max.

Next comes my personal favorite, “The Back.” The pulsing bassline provides a solid foundation for the dark percussion and pad-like lead. Once again, this one sounds best when played very loudly though a PA system.

“The Ropes” is a slightly darker offering with a more minimal vibe. It’s all about the groove here. Short claps, stabs, and thin vocal samples demonstrate a more subtle approach to Diction’s sound, allowing the bass to take over. This track rounds the release off nicely, continuing the duo’s streak of exceptionally strong tracks.

“Silk Owl” is out now on Death Proof Recordings.

Diynamic Music Four to the Floor Vol 03

Continuing with Diynamic Music’s ‘Four to the Floor’ compilation series, previews are now up for volume 3! This set of four tracks features more newcomers like D33P, Jos & Eli, Audio Junkies, Hobo, and Jobb & Corco. Before diving in to any of the individual tracks, we’ll point out that Volume 3 has a very tribal feel to it, linking all the artists together.

Up first is D33P and Jos & Eli with ‘Galactica.’ We’ve raved about D33P before, back in February with the Israeli’s track ‘Stigma‘ released on Spirit Soul Records. Now the producer teams up with Jos & Eli, two other Israelis responsible for tracks and remixes on Gooseneck Records and Asymmetric Recordings. ‘Galactic’ features a compelling vocal sample (which the preview does not do justice) and a thick bassline. This track is a clear homage to the famous television series and has a nice space odyssey feel to it.

Next up are Audio Junkies aka Israeli duo Daniel Rave and Yoav ‘Joe’ Rave aka. JoMaJo who have released on Noir, Global Underground and many other labels. ‘Banksy’ is one of those tracks that you first hear and get so sucked in that it’s over before you know it. The synth based melody is just perfect for a warmup set that gets your feet moving.

Diynamic are quite lucky to a sign a track from one of Richie Hawtin’s Minus label family. ‘Mirage’ is a very different piece from this Berlin based musician’s usual offerings, but as a side project ‘Mirage’ is awesome, and probably one of our favorites from the whole series. The unique African vocal really defines the track and we hope to hear this one played out soon at BPM!

Last but not least is Jobb & Corco with ‘African Balad’, which again continues in the tribal theme. It’s a nice full sounding track with lots of tech-house like percussion and hollowed synths.

We’ve now written about 12 of the 16 tracks, and we must say that we are pretty impressed so far, although the compilation feels a bit disjointed at times (don’t they usually?). Nevertheless, we are quite pleased that Diynamic has decided to put its weight behind many of these lesser or unknown artists. We will be adding a number of these into our sets over the next few weeks and months.

Out now on Diynamic music!
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Diynamic Four to the Floor Vol 01

A few days ago a nice email from our friends over at Solomun and Adriano Trolio’s Diynamic label dropped into our promo box, announcing that they would be releasing a 4X4 (four tracks, four installments) compilation featuring some of the newest talent that the labelmates are excited about. We found the name particularly fitting too, as its a reference to the roots of it all and demonstrates a strong commitment to quality. The first installment features music from Night Talk, Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul, Rafael Cerato and esteble.

Up first are Swiss producers Night Talk aka long-time friends Remo and Lukas with ‘Mind Games.’ The track is a strong tech offering with a killer bass stab and great synth lines. It has been an essential piece of Solomun’s sets for the past few months and should be recognizable to some.

Next is the collaborative work of Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul, two young ambitious guys from the south of the Netherlands that have been working together since 2008. “We had a studio session on a Sunday afternoon in April, and we must say we were blessed with the inspiration that day. The whole track appeared pretty fast and spontaneous. That’s why we called the track “Bliss.” It took us three or four sessions to produce the complete track.” We’d describe the track’s percussion, lush synths and romantic vibes as a mid tempo deep house affair.

Next is Frenchman Rafael Cerato (having past releases on Nurvous and Toolroom) who brings ‘Constellation.’ This one transports you into a far away place, with moody vibes and hard hitting, distinctive percussion.

Closing out the first EP is esteble with ‘Marlborough Sounds.’ It’s a full, melodic and well structured production defined by thoughtful strings, vibrant chords and eastern drums coming together for a song that is clearly Diynamic.

Out now on Diynamic!

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Diynamic Four to the Floor Vol 02

We managed to get our hands on the second installment of Diynamic’s ‘Four to the Floor’ four part series. We’ve heard bits and pieces of these tracks scattered throughout the label’s streamed shows and podcasts. Championed by the boss himself Solomun, each part of the series features four tracks from up and coming producers who are new to the Diynamic label camp. The premise is straightforward and well-accepted: to release music that returns to the house roots, making for perfect dancefloor tracks.

On volume two we find ourselves with four contributions from Undercatt, Denite & The Liquid Mirror, Anton Dhouran, and BLOT!.First up from Italian newcomers, with the first release ever for Luca Luperini & Elia Crecchi, is ‘Golden Area.’ The only techno sounding production from volume 2, ‘Golden Area’ really highlights the potential of this duo. A strong bassline backs an oscillating and gnarly synth makes this one the most danceable yet. Check out their guestmix for this November’s edition of the Diynamic podcast.

Next we have the hand-picked ‘Together,’ a collaboration between one of our favorite underrated producers Denite and The Liquid Mirror. This is not the first time these two have worked together, as they previously released on Third Ear with ‘Moonlight.’ Their offering is a well-disguised tech house piece with spacy pads, subtle percussion, and wonky synths that bounce along nicely.

‘Mirage’ is next from French youngster Anton Dhouran. Only 20 years old, ‘Mirage’ is one of the most emotional productions from the whole compilation, featuring a blissful melody and fantastic guitar line. As Anton describes, “I wanted to make a track by including the guitar again, so I reworked a melody that I had composed some time ago and adapted it to 115 bpm.” We wish we could have had this one during the summer season to perfectly close out a set!

‘Empire Waste’ is a true downtempo song from BLOT!, someone we’ve never heard of before. BLOT stands for Basic Love Of Things, and is a electronic music project based out of New Delhi. We’d almost argue that this one doesn’t fit with the rest of comp, but the full lyrics and droning synth caught our attention and soon convinced us otherwise. We’ve heard their live performances are quite an experience, so if you’ve had the chance to check them out, be sure to let us know!

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Diynamic’s Four to the Floor Vol 02 is out now. Grab it here!

Recondite – Iffy

We’ve been big fans of Recondite (German producer Lorenz Brunner) ever since a friend sent over his first album ‘On Acid’ released back in 2012 on the US west-coast based label Acid Test. We had not kept close tabs on Recondite, so we were beyond excited to see his remix of ‘Creep’ by Michael Gracioppo sneak onto an Innervisions EP back in February; we hoped this was a sign of things to come and potential for new, well supported music. Sure enough, Recondite soon after put out a two tracker with ‘PSY’ and ‘Fiery.’ This EP was all a leadup to, in our opinion, one of the most anticipated albums of the year with Recondite’s November release of his 10 track ‘Iffy.’
The album opens with a track called ‘Baro,’ which is appropriately broody tune and sets the mood right off the bat. The energy and pace pick up throughout the track, yet it never really explodes, teasing you as you wait for more.

Next up is ‘Levo,’ a track with happier undertones while maintaining Recondite’s intricate production abilities and attention to detail; the track unifies perfectly tuned synth stabs and effective percussion. Be sure to check out the single release as it differs from the album version.
‘Tame’ again showcases Recondite’s intricacy and finally provides a huge production that sounds wild played out (as we heard in Brooklyn during his mini US tour of the album) during early morning hours.

‘Garbo’, fourth on the album, continues Recondite’s up and down happy and sad oscillation of sounds. The fullness of this one is quite powerful especially as a standalone 12″ version.

‘Buteo’ has been floating around for a few months and is one of our two favorites from the album. One of the dancier tracks shared by Recondite, we love his unique take on deep percussion and a wonderful distorted melody. The bass hits real hard on this one.

The sixth offering, ‘Duolo,’ is the second of our two favorites. No wonder Innervisions chose to share this one as the first single release. It’s incredibly catchy and addictive bassline weaves through the track as one of the moodiest, grimest synths furthers the journey. We also heard this one live in Brooklyn, check out the video below!

A full-length preview for ‘Konter’, the next track, has also been out for over a month now. ‘Konter’ contains many elements of the other Recondite tracks, and embodies his signature style.
‘Steady’ is a bit of a divergent one with rapid chordplay that turns this track into a strong dancefloor contender. While a bit shorter than most at 3:54, this one will stick in your head as you hum out the distinctive melody.
‘Glint’ has more of a minimal techno feel to it as the track centers around a loopy synth with a haunted house feel. Organ style keys drive the track forward; listening to this reminds us of watching an early sunrise after staying up all night.
‘Jim Jams’ closes the album on a refreshing and slow note in such a way that accentuates each drum hit, snare, or stab. There is a sense of optimism, as perhaps the world is not as bad as it may seem.

‘Iffy’ is out now on Innervisions.

Deadmau5 – Seeya Feat. Colleen D’Agostino

The music industry is a difficult market. Producers are often caught between two walls. How does one make “new” music without alienating your fans? Despite all the controversies, Canadian producer, Joel Zimmerman aka. Deadmau5,  has always found a way to find the happy medium of keeping his music interesting and maintaining his sound. We were pleasantly surprised upon hearing Zimmerman’s newest track ‘Seeya’.  Despite releases such as ‘Channel 42’, ‘Telemiscommunications’, and ‘Suckfest9001’, Zimmerman has been fairly quiet this past year. We think that this single will catch the attention of the electronic music scene and pave the way for his upcoming seventh studio album ‘while(1<2)’, which is coming out digitally on June 17 and physically on June 24. It is his first album to be released on Astralwerks, which he signed with in 2013. ‘Seeya’ features an uncharacteristic 111 BPM and contains D’Agostino’s emotional vocals over a funky bass rhythm. Zimmerman retains his ‘Deadmau5’ flavor with layers of glitchy synth lines. The unlikely amalgamation of the elements results in a dance track with that pays tributes to funk and disco. Colleen D’Agostino, who is part of the 5-member band ‘The Material’, had previously teamed up with Zimmerman on a track called ‘Drop The Poptart’, which was posted on his personal SoundCloud profile. We expect that ‘Seeya’ will be well received by those within the electronic scene and be “looped indefinitely” as its album title suggests.

‘Seeya’ is out now on Mau5trap. Full album digital release on June 17.