Drumcode – A-Sides Volume 2 Part 2

Two years after the first A-Sides Compilation on Drumcode Records, Adam Beyer has compiled a second volume, featuring tracks from well-known artists as well as new signings. Volume 2 comes in two parts, the first having already dropped on June 9th, and the second on the 23rd. Each part contains 10 tracks, making this compilation almost twice as long as Volume 1.

The comp opens with something new from legendary producer¬†Jel Ford, manager of the famous Jericho Records. It is called ‘Grand Union’, and is a taste of his EP that will be out later in the year. The track is mix of old and new, with a bouncy synth and groovy bass line.

Next is Nicole Moudaber’s track ‘Rooted’. It is very minimal. The distinctive violin hook is immediately recognizable, and sets the track apart from Nicole’s previous productions. This is clearly a new style for her, and we are curious to see if her new productions head in this direction.

Adam Beyer shares his track ‘People Understand’, which is an updated and remixed version of an earlier track called ‘You Don’t Understand’, debuting in Drumcode Radio episode 100. It is a bomb, and something which only Adam Beyer could produce. It features dark vocals, very subtle percussion, and a recognizable hook.

Gery Otis (read our interview with Gery here) debuts on Drumcode with his track Jazing. It is his first release in 2014, and is a new direction compared to anything he’s ever released before.

Joel Mull’s track ‘Gallop’ is very polished, as all tracks from Joel are. The groove is built on percussion and a reverberated stab, supplemented with vocals.

Bart Skils’s track ‘Acid Horizon’ is a little bit different than usual. It still has his trademark kick and ride, but the groove is something new and special.

Roberto Capuano is releasing on the label again for the first time following his succesful EP ‘Vertigo’ in early 2013. ‘The Space’ starts with a minimal beat and breathy pads, and then drops into the break, when the melody kicks in. This might be the best peak time track on the entire compilation, a worthy competitor to Skober’s ‘Membrane.’

Kimono’s track ‘Rave Flavour’ is finally being released, having been first played in Drumcode Radio episode 146. This track knows where it’s going, building to the peak with the synth line at its loudest, and then falling back to the minimal beat.

Trikk, a favorite artist of sister-label Truesoul, contributes ‘Uncore 95.’ Softer than the rest of the compilation, it is best for the earlier parts of a set. Lovely hats and rides sit perfectly on the light beat, accompanied by calming synth stabs and ambiance.

The final track of the compilation is Sian’s much awaited track ‘Chicken Donut.’ It finally is released after being played in almost every set for months by Adam Beyer. It is similar in style to his recent album. As usual for Sian, it includes a very dark bass line and vocals. A synth rolls over the beat in triplets.

‘A-Sides Volume 2 Part 2’ is everything one could wish for in a Drumcode compilation, with very diverse sounds, successfully representing all that is Drumcode.

Out on June 23rd on Drumcode Records.

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