H.O.S.H. – End Of A Chapter EP

H.O.S.H. - End Of A Chapter EP

Many of you will be familiar with German producer and DJ H.O.S.H. who has been a staple for Solomun’s Diynamic label, releasing gems such as his collaboration with Andhim ‘Captain,’ his remix of Abby ‘Halo,’ and his own ‘Cilantropy‘ EP last fall. His newest release ‘End of A Chapter’ finds him trying something a little different via My Favorite Robot’s own label, My Favorite Robot Records. This choice was quite a departure for H.O.S.H. and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. But, we were very pleasantly surprised and quite pleased to hear the direction he’s taking this different sound with three new originals ‘Meloman,’ ‘Aire,’ and ‘Libre.’

First is ‘Meloman,’ a key and stab driven piece that defines the upbeat and techy nature of this EP. As always, the track is incredibly well produced with a great progression and nice, subtle use of sweeps.

‘Aire’ is next with an expansive and truly summer sound, that is perfect for the peak energy time of any set. “Euphoria” is the word that comes to mind!

‘Libre’ closes things out with a darker and more synth-heavy tone.

Be sure to let us know what you think about this one in the comments. H.O.S.H. ‘End Of A Chapter’ is out now on My Favorite Robot Records.

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