Ian O’Donovan – Vortex EP

Ian O’Donovan – Vortex EP

Ian O’Donovan has teamed up with Loveland Recordings for this release, which contains the highly anticipated track “Vortex” and also three additional tracks. The EP can be described as melodic and versatile, which is exactly what Ian is known for. Proof of this is the early support of Adam Beyer, but also the approval of names like John Digweed, Laurent Garnier and Richie Hawtin.

“In The Pale Moonlight” is an interesting combination of soothing pads and uptempo percussion, which results in a relatively calm opener. The style of percussion seems somewhat inspired by Mr. Bizz, but it’s interpreted in such a way that it still results in the distinct O’Donovan sound.

“Vortex” is a strong, uplifting track with a beautiful melody. It contains elements of techno, trance and progressive house, which makes it very difficult to categorize, but very enjoyable to listen to. Those that are fond of Ian’s track “Millennia”, that was released in 2014, will definitely enjoy this production as well.

“Undercurrent” starts out with just an arpeggiated hook, but it doesn’t take long before more elements (like a subtle bassline and a few variations of the existing arpeggio) have been added. The further addition of short pads throughout the track and a subtle melody around the 5 minute mark slowly turns the track into a hypnotic ride.

“Shimmer” is an upbeat track that presents us with a mix of fresh sounding stabs and a short, arpeggiated melody. The style of this track can be described as both techno and progressive house, but it definitely leans more towards the progressive house side.

Ian O’Donovan’s “Vortex EP” is out now on Loveland Recordings.

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