Interview with Techno Producer Etai Tarazi

For those of you familiar with the infamous track from this summer “Ready or Not,” you’re in for a treat. We had a chance to sit down with Israeli born and NYC based techno producer Etai Tarazi. We chatted with him about his incredible summer, and most importantly, his forthcoming ‘Escape’ EP on Sian’s Octopus records, out very very soon. Enjoy!

A few months ago, you released an EP on Octopus Records (which is a great release, by the way), and you’re about to drop a new EP on the label (as well as another track, by the sound of it). How did you meet Sian, and how did the first release come about?
Sian was a huge supporter of my mood release; he loved my “No No No” track. He also reached out to me, inquiring about a track with a similar vibe.

‘Ready or Not’ must have been played by every major DJ in the past couple of months. Did you expect the massive success of your Octopus Release, or did it come as a surprise?
Everytime I see or hear of a massive artist supporting my music, it hits me as a huge surprise. I always prepare for the worst and always hope for the best!

What is your dream gig? Would you like to play a big festival like Awakenings, or would you prefer to keep playing where you do now?
It has always been an absolute dream of mine to spin at a huge festival such as, Awakening or Tomorrowland etc. The rush I would get from a crowd of that size would be indescribable. However, I love the way I spin now because of the interaction I share with the crowd.

How did you get started as a producer?
I’m always looking for new avenues to push myself to the next level. One day it came over me that I needed to make my own track. Although it took me a little bit over a year of trial and error, I finally started to understand the science behind it and from there on out it became natural.

What is your process for producing tracks? Do you like to write one at a time, or many at once?
When I sit in a studio and start a project I always finish it before moving on. If not I would obsess over it until the point that I couldn’t sleep! Before I finalize a track I imagine making thousands of people move on the dance floor. That inspiration is all I need.

If you had to produce another genre besides techno or house, what would you choose?
Definitely try dabbling in deep house. Recently Im a huge fan and enjoy opening up rooms rocking deep deep house! I think this genre is really going to take off in the near future.

When producing for a label like MOOD, do you take a different approach than that of your Octopus tracks?
In the beginning I did modify my sound to cater to the different labels. However, I quickly realized that it’s all about creating your own distinct sound that labels are going to come to you for. One’s sound is not going to gel with every single label but, if you stick to your roots, labels will come ringing.

What is one track you’ve heard recently that you really enjoy?
Reverse skydiving shadow child remix. I absolutely love this track! #banger

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any new gigs or releases you’d like to mention?
Right now there are some serious productions in the works, as well as some amazing bookings. As for details my lips are sealed, all I can say is stay tuned, 2015 is my year 🙂

Finally, if you could choose to collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
There’s so many like Gary beck, Adam beyer, sian etc. but if I had to choice one I absolutely adore nicole Moudaber. I love her sound and I think the both of us simultaneously on a track, would rattle some cages!

Etai’s newest EP ‘Escape’ is out now on Sian’s Octopus Records. Previews below!

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