Lee Burridge @ Bijou Boston April 4, 2014

On a breezy Friday night, as the first signs of spring descended upon Boston, our events editor and I made our way to see Lee Burridge at Bijou. Bijou is our favorite club in the city, as its staff are always very friendly and the venue itself is just right for many of the underground acts that roll through this city. The lack of over the top production values means that the night is always just about one thing – the pure, emotional, enthralling music. Ever since we heard Lee Burridge’s 2012 Lighting in a Bottle set, we’ve been big fans and knew we had to go when Bijou booked him for a Friday night.

Our editor and I placed ourselves right next to the VIP tables, and began to take in the scene. NYC based Bedouin, consisting of Bijou resident Tamer Malki and fellow DJ Rami Deejay, were slotted to warmup for Lee Burridge. We’ve seen Tamer before at Bijou, but the collaborative effort of Bedouin was something else. The duo spun a proper warmup set, and dropped some fantastic tracks that we’ve never heard before. Each track flowed so smoothly with the next, and we truly felt like we were in a cafe in Lebanon, looking out into the Mediterranean sea. Before we knew it, were were standing up, and really feeling the vibes as Lee Burridge stepped behind the decks.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lee Burridge, he’s been around for over 25 years and runs his own label All Day I Dream. Some of his most popular releases include ‘Lost In A Moment’ and ‘Fur Die Liebe,’ while his label has championed the likes of Maher Daniel, Luca Bacchetti, and Gab Rhome over the years. We were too entranced in the music to pay much attention to IDs, but were pleasantly surprised to recognize Paolo Rocco ‘Move Body, Move Forward,’ which recently received an update package of remixes on Defected Records.Eyes closed and ears open, heads down and no-nonsense to be had as Lee Burridge continued with perfectly picked track after track. Lee always shares a special blend of music, something that seems to cross many genres and yet is genre-less, all at the same time. Later in the set he dropped the Shonky remix of El Prevost ft. D Ham ‘Allez Ally,’ which really drove the dancefloor nuts.
Lee Burridge finished his set just after 2 am, and as the lights started to turn on, we could tell that everyone was aching for more. As we reluctantly shuffled out of the club and into the cold air outside, we knew that this was a night we would not soon forget. Many thanks to our friends at Bijou for continuing to bring such fine talent to the Boston area. Be sure to check out their site for all upcoming events. See you on the dance floor!

Check out other great music from Lee Burridge and Bedouin via their social media pages.

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