Matthias Vogt – Matters feat. Phil Fill (El_Txef_A Live From The Elephant Room)

Matthias Vogt feat. Phil Fill - Matters (The Remixes)

It’s no secret that Anjunadeep is one of our favorite labels. We generally know what to expect, but occasionally there’s a release or remix that’s a bit “out of left field” in a very good way. This is just one of those remixes. Matthias Vogt is a recent addition to the label, with his ‘Seven Summits’ EP last December and ‘Matters’ earlier this year. We’ll be honest and say that while we didn’t fall in love with the original on first listen, this remix really got us excited to listen to the track again. Courtesy of Spanish producer Aitor Etxebarria aka El_Txef_A (his debut no less), we have the ‘Live From The Elephant Room’ remix of ‘Matters.’ Named after the Texas jazz club, this remix incorporates unique and moody jazz elements into the original. We always find it incredibly compelling when a remixer totally changes the style of the original, and this remix is just that. Be sure to check out the other ‘Cosmic Dub’ offering from El_Txef_A and something special from Tom Middleton.

Matthias Vogt – Matters feat. Phil Fill (El_Txef_A Live From The Elephant Room) is out NOW on Anjunadeep

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