Michael Klein – Metals EP

Michael Klein – Metals EP

Second State kicks off 2016 with a diverse release by Berlin based producer Michael Klein. The new year started more than satisfying for Klein with a Boiler Room debut and now he has released his new “Metals EP” on Pan-Pot’s imprint. The release delivers four originals that reflect Klein’s wide range of production and a groovy remix by Fachwerk’s Roman Lindau.

The EP starts with “Silver”, a track that has a mood that’s hard to define. The drum sounds are definitely characteristic for Klein’s productions. A dull kick drum, a snare that sounds more like someone missed the drum, but struck the wooden floor underneath and some finely sliced hats, which create a subtle, but forward groove. The track’s lead stab seems to have similar origins as the kickdrum and the wooden snare, dry and dull yet uplifting somehow.

“Opaque” seems to be the pendant to “Drawing”, the title track of Klein’s previous Second State release. It comes in a more stripped down shape. A pounding kickdrum, shuffled hi-hats, a clap and some playful metallic chord-stabs carrying through the whole track. Nothing more is needed to create minimalistic dancefloor euphoria.

With the third track of the EP, “Outer Shell”, Klein keeps the mood deep and melancholic. A percussive bassline sets the groove and the drum elements blend into a shaky pattern, while a deep transposed chime plays a meditative melody. A rough saw wave crawls throughout the track and binds the elements together.

“Dura” is a downtempo electronica piece which features aGhost. A four to the floor kick drum and a subby bassline form the base of the track, while a dirty shaker adds groove to the loop. A little drop sound and some well-placed, perfectly chopped vocals create a dreamy melody that has the potential to take you on a trippy journey.

A remix of “Dura” by the German producer Roman Lindau rounds up the EP. His interpretation takes the track to a whole new level as Lindau uses the vocals to create an almost funky groove. The distorted bassline and the snappy clap are a perfect match. The Second State label bosses describe the track as exceedingly groovy and I certainly agree with them.

Michael Klein‘s “Metals EP” is out now on Second State Audio.

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