Origins Sound – Test Tape/MindField EP

Quickly following up their March released ‘Dallas’ EP, Origins Sound, comprising of Bath based producers Joe and Ali, now debut on Get Twisted Records with two new originals as part of their ‘Test Tape/MindField’ EP. After past releases on Leftwing & Kody’s new label Lost Records, Glasgow.Underground, and Sex Panda White, Origins Sound have begun to solidify a place for themselves in the rapidly burgeoning garage-based scene. Get Twisted Records is the label headed by duo Tough Love, and saw recent success with their own release ‘Bring The Heat Vol 1.’ ‘Test Tape’ kicks things off with a signature funky bassline that helps to drive the track forward as vocal samples jut in and out. The mixdown section of the track really highlights the vocal loop as the bassline fades away, only to suddenly return harder than ever. In a similar manner, ‘MindField’ is another characteristic production of the duo, and continues to advance their unique sound. The soulful yet faint male vocals grow in intensity as the song progresses, all the while layered over another bangin’ bassline. Another great EP from Origins Sound, and these two are definitely on our list to watch.

Out now on Get Twisted Records.

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  1. […] their past releases Tough Love – ‘Bring The Heat Vol 1‘ and Origins Sound – ‘Test Tape/MindField EP‘ and were very impressed. For its 11th release, the label delivers a three track EP […]

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