Sunday Slowdown #3: Anna Lunoe & Touch Sensitive – Real Talk (Original Mix)

Been waiting all week to post this one. I discovered this perfect Sunday track in Russ Chimes Expressway mix series (part 5), one of my favorite mixtape series. You should listen to all of them if you haven’t already. You may remember the Anna Lunoe track I posted a few weeks ago. It should be apparent now where her deeper influences come from after listening to a track like this. “Real Talk” features an incredibly upbeat and bouncy groove with light piano chord play. The real talk and yelling vocals (reminds me of tigerskin) add to the cheerfulness of this track. I honestly prefer these tracks to her newer sound, so hopefully she will head back to something like this.

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Raw District ft Ingrid Hakanson – Bad Angel (Original Mix)

DFTD is probably my favorite label at the moment. They are a sister label to Defected featuring new and fresh releases, with the occasional release from a well known artist. Raw District is the new side project of Belgian producers Vernon Bara and Massimo DaCosta (Vernon&DaCosta). “Bad Angel” features the soothing voice of Ingrid Hakanson (Vancouver based house vocalist) on top of a catchy, funky synth and percussion. Not your typical deep house sound, this is much funkier, more melodic and soulful. Props to DFTD for trying something new with this release.

Out now on DFTD. Get it here!

Carter Bros – Run EP

I stumbled upon this track after it was shared by Defected on soundcloud. Don’t know much about them, except that they are an Australian duo. “Run” caught my attention as soon as the vocal sample starts. Its a frantic sound that fits perfectly with the deep house groove and light percussion. While the track is a tad repetitive, it will make for a funky addition to any set. Definitely has that old chicago house feel to it. The track was previously released, but now is on an EP alongside remixes from Luke Solomon and Monty.

Out now on Classic Music. Get it here!

The Advent – Disco Diva (Uto Karem Remix)

Uto Karem takes the 2012 release “Disco Diva” and updates it with a modern 2013 flair. The track bursts open with a banging groove and clap. About two minutes in, the soulful dark vocal sample begins, taking the track to a different level. The track progresses nicely, with a midway break before picking up again. A nice addition for your next 4 am set, bringing a mystical feeling to the room.

Out now on H-Productions. Get it here!

Justin Jay – The Jaguar EP

The newest EP from Justin Jay, a 20 year old LA based producer, continues those oh so strange sounds that we’ve come to expect. The EP starts off with it’s title track, The Jaguar. This track got me hooked on Justin and convinced me of all the goodies to come. Deep bass melds with a driving synth line, complimented by hi hats, strings, and bongos to bring the listener on a unique ride. A bit of a different sound than prior releases on Dirtybird, so I’m curious to see what’s next for Justin. “Coldwater” is very much an extension of “The Jaguar” with a new vocal and similar synth progressions, but with a darker, more emotional feel. “You and Me” is a deeper track with a strange vocal sample, reminiscent of current deep house sounds. Overall, a fairly good EP from Justin Jay to satisfy us until his next release.

Out now on Culprit Records. Get it here!

Goldroom – Embrace EP

As the summer festival season comes to a close, Goldroom unearths a fresh batch of tracks to help us forget that cold months are ahead. LA-based Goldroom’s second EP, “Embrace,” is a stunning combination of tunes that builds upon his past successes with breakout single “Fifteen.” The EP includes six tracks, two of them new – “Embrace,” and “Adalita.” Previous favorites “Only You Can Show Me,” “Fifteen,” “Sweetness Alive,” and “Pacific” are also included. The title track “Embrace” demonstrates the blissful vocals of little known Ariela Jacobs and Goldroom’s incredible selection of upbeat and fun synths. The second new track, “Adalita” features the vocals of Chela (responsible for the vocals on “Fifteen”) with dynamic strings and summery keys. If Goldroom’s sound is indicative of the continuing reliance upon electronic production in the indie world, then we are in for some good times ahead. And, perhaps, a mild start to the dark days of 2014!

Out now on Itunes. Get it here! 

Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg – Unanswered Question EP

Words cannot described how excited I was to see that the latest Drumcode release not only features Adam Beyer tracks but is in fact a set of collaborations between Adam and his partner, Ida. I’m relatively new to the Techno scene, but I always eat these releases right up. “Unanswered Question” is an aptly named track that upon first listen is immediately recognizable as an Adam Beyer track. The signature double pronged kick makes an appearance throughout the track while the almost dirtybirdesque synth adds dynamism. The unanswered question vocal sample serves as the name of the title track. The two remixes don’t do it for me – I prefer the original track. Rounding off the EP, we have “Virga” (again a collaboration between Adam and Ida). Virga has a very different sound than the typical Drumcode release – it’s a much lighter track, and reminds me of Cirez D a bit. The kick takes a backseat to the driving hihat and synth line. Another set of strong releases from Drumcode, as we wait for Adam and Ida’s forthcoming release “You Know” on Truesoul.

Out now on Drumcode. Get it here!