Goldroom – Embrace EP

As the summer festival season comes to a close, Goldroom unearths a fresh batch of tracks to help us forget that cold months are ahead. LA-based Goldroom’s second EP, “Embrace,” is a stunning combination of tunes that builds upon his past successes with breakout single “Fifteen.” The EP includes six tracks, two of them new – “Embrace,” and “Adalita.” Previous favorites “Only You Can Show Me,” “Fifteen,” “Sweetness Alive,” and “Pacific” are also included. The title track “Embrace” demonstrates the blissful vocals of little known Ariela Jacobs and Goldroom’s incredible selection of upbeat and fun synths. The second new track, “Adalita” features the vocals of Chela (responsible for the vocals on “Fifteen”) with dynamic strings and summery keys. If Goldroom’s sound is indicative of the continuing reliance upon electronic production in the indie world, then we are in for some good times ahead. And, perhaps, a mild start to the dark days of 2014!

Out now on Itunes. Get it here! 

Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg – Unanswered Question EP

Words cannot described how excited I was to see that the latest Drumcode release not only features Adam Beyer tracks but is in fact a set of collaborations between Adam and his partner, Ida. I’m relatively new to the Techno scene, but I always eat these releases right up. “Unanswered Question” is an aptly named track that upon first listen is immediately recognizable as an Adam Beyer track. The signature double pronged kick makes an appearance throughout the track while the almost dirtybirdesque synth adds dynamism. The unanswered question vocal sample serves as the name of the title track. The two remixes don’t do it for me – I prefer the original track. Rounding off the EP, we have “Virga” (again a collaboration between Adam and Ida). Virga has a very different sound than the typical Drumcode release – it’s a much lighter track, and reminds me of Cirez D a bit. The kick takes a backseat to the driving hihat and synth line. Another set of strong releases from Drumcode, as we wait for Adam and Ida’s forthcoming release “You Know” on Truesoul.

Out now on Drumcode. Get it here!

Basement Jaxx – What A Difference Your Love Makes (Jaxx Chic Booty)

The next single from Basement Jaxx’s forthcoming album is called “What A Difference Your Love Makes.” The UK-based duo has been around for ages and it’s exciting to continue to see new material from them. Premiered on B.Traits’ BBC Radio 1 show, the “Jaxx Chic Booty” presents a different take on the single. It features classic house grooves and fun sounding vocals. The track is light and surprisingly heartfelt. It’s available for free on their soundcloud, so get it today!

Sunday Slowdown #2: Nora En Pure – Come With Me (Original Mix)

Wow. Couldn’t ask for a better way to start my Sunday. Relatively unknown, Nora En Pure is a Swiss producer, part of Helvetic Nerds. This track has been supported by many across all styles – Steve Angello, Mark Knight, Moguai, and Max Vangeli to name a few. I discovered it in a Russ Chimes mix for BBC Radio 1. “Come With Me” features beautiful piano chordplay, vocals that suit Sunday mornings, and perfectly time sweeps to increase the full, wide sound. The track, unlike so many these days, has proper ups and downs, proving that music can be a journey, not a constant throb of sound. Make sure to check out the other two tracks on the EP.

Out now on Enormous Tunes. Get it here!

Anna Lunoe – Breathe (Original Mix)

Anna Lunoe’s debut single, “Breathe,” is a mildly repetitive yet crazy catchy track. Surprisingly being released on Fool’s Gold Records, this track does not fit the label’s typical style. Anna’s dark vocals define the track, laid on top of stabs of deep house sounds (listen for that occasional click click click). Otherwise the track does not blow me away, but assuming Anna will be an interesting one to watch – perhaps we will see followup tracks on a different label.

Out now on Fool’s Gold. Get it here!

Tensnake Ft. Fiora – See Right Through (Remixes)

Toyboy & Robin (of “Jaded” fame) take their hand at remixing Tensnake’s breakthrough hit “See Right Through.” They speed the track up considerably, making it dancier and more uplifting. They inject a bit of the current UK sound, with different, deep percussion and a slight twang of synth. All the while the beautiful vocals of Fiora are retained and never downplayed.

Out now on Virgin. Get it here!

Bjorn Wolf & Youri Donatz – Bedroom (Original Mix)

Suara, the dance label headed by Spanish producer Coyu, continues to push boundaries with new signings and releases that continue to spotlight pure groove heavy music. Past breakout successes for the label include Technasia’s track ‘I Am Somebody,’ Sonic Future’s ‘Move Your Hips’, and Tuber & Berger ‘Imprint.’ As a part of this A&R obsessed strategy, Suara regularly puts out compilation EPs with standout tracks from up and coming talent. Suara’s most recent label showcase, Suara Showroom 19, features great tracks from John Made, Youri Donatz, Bjorn Wolf, Basti Grub, and Spencer K. Our clear favorite from this installment of the Showroom series is Youri Donatz & Bjorn Wolf’s collaboration ‘Bedroom.’ ‘Bedroom’ sees the talented producers collaborating once again, with Youri Donatz merging his signature phat basslines with Bjorn Wolf’s (no stranger to Suara) funky melodies. ‘Bedroom’ kicks things off with a deliciously infectious bassline that immediately beckons you to the dancefloor. Well timed-breaks, vocal snippets, and off beat hi-hats all contribute to make this a surefire booty shaker.

Out now on Suara.