Petter B – Be Eternal EP

Petter B - Be Eternal

‘Be Eternal’ is Petter B’s first EP for Drumcode Records, or his second if you count his four-track ‘Tonal Response’ EP that was released on Drumcode Ltd. in 2013. Petter’s style is raw and DJ-oriented, and has a very distinctive sound.

Starting off the EP is the massive ‘Bergsjön Eternal’. The track is a collaboration with fellow Swedish artists John H and M.E.E.O. This track is never dull, with its lively arpeggios and sweeping pads, not to mention its 16-bar melody which is somewhat of a rarity among techno tracks these days. ‘Bergsjön Eternal’ was originally released on vinyl on Petter’s BOND label, but it was later signed to Drumcode so that it can reach a wider audience. It has succeeded, and has been supported by most of the day’s techno DJs.

The next track is ‘Voltage Controlled Time.’ This track debuted recently in both Petter’s and Adam Beyer’s sets. It is another melodic masterpiece, first introducing it’s chunky percussion and catchy hook, then bringing in a heavy piano stab.

The EP closes with ‘Loggbay Session B.’ This one is darker than the others, with a resonant filtered clap and a scratchy percussive synth reminiscent of a telegraph. This track is special in that it can be played at almost any point in one’s set without disrupting the flow of the set.

Out now on Drumcode.

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