Rich Pinder & Billy Kenny Feat RogueHeart – Lost Soul EP

Sometimes you come across a track from little known artists that is instantly memorable, and this is a prime example of that kind of track. Rich Pinder, a Doncaster based producer (with less than 100 twitter followers mind you!) teams up with Billy Kenny to create a beautiful collaboration “Lost Soul.” Featuring the vocal talent of RogueHeart (Chrystal Orchard), ‘Lost Soul’ is a deep, groove heavy track with perfect claps, synths, and stabs. The vocal hook is uplifting and solidifies the track as a new style of vocal groove-house, somewhere between the deep stuff coming out of the UK lately and Defected’s style of R&B infused classic house. Prodcuers Ozzi, S. Jay, and Hide&Seek, each offer their own interpretation of the original for the four track EP. Hide&Seek’s rework is our favorite, with its garage focus, crisp percussion, and impressive piano work all while keeping RougueHeart’s vocals in the spotlight.

Out now on All Over It Records! 

One thought on “Rich Pinder & Billy Kenny Feat RogueHeart – Lost Soul EP

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