SAMA – Slow Degradation EP

SAMA - Slow Degradation EP

Dutch producer SAMA is undoubtedly one of the most exciting up-and-coming talents in the techno scene. With tracks recently out on labels such as Hi Tek Records and Pleasurekraft’s high-caliber Kraftek label, it is clear that he is on his way to greatness, and his new release for Spanish label Devotion Records is easily one of his best packages of tracks to be released so far.

The title track, “Slow Degradation,” starts things off and sets the tone for the entire release, using a deep and filthy bass and echoing vocals to shape a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The artist shows his production genius with subtle touches, such as the vocals, which are pitch shifted during the break, giving off an eerie vibe that is supported by a pad of pure moonlight.

“Cherish” is more melodic and uses a deep, throaty synth to create the hook. The music is somber, yet upbeat enough to make the listener want to dance. The main break is quite long, giving the track room to breathe, and makes this one a great choice as an interlude in a long set.

It would be difficult for any tune to top the previous two masterpieces, but “Radical Changes” just might do so. This one is straightforward and bold, charging forward with the force of an army and blowing the club into oblivion. As is the norm for a SAMA production, the synth stands out in this one, a chunky stab which is echoed by a distorted breath, which makes this machine feel alive. To top things off, the synth is arpeggiated in octaves and adds a new dimension of emotion to the tune to balance out the impression of unchecked power.

“Slow Degradation EP” is out now on Devotion Records.

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