Spektre – Road To Nowhere EP

Spektre - Road To Nowhere EP

It’s been over a year since “Road To Nowhere” premiered on Spektre’s radio show “Mutual Respekt”, but now the track finally sees the light of day. “Road To Nowhere” comes with a remix by Steam Shape and a second original track by Spektre, called “Rattled”, which concludes the EP. It seems that for this release, Spektre has once again been heavily influenced by the sound of 2012, just like their earlier release “It Is What It Is”. Let’s see if it holds up.

“Road To Nowhere” is an upbeat track that delivers a fresh blend of past and present, which makes it stand out immediately among other releases from this year. The track starts out with a simple, friendly sounding riff that’s soon followed by an airy background sound and a growling bass, that makes several appearances throughout the track. All the elements complement each other nicely and they do so in a very subtle fashion.

Steam Shape’s interpretation of “Road To Nowhere” strips the track of most of its nostalgic parts, which makes it almost indistinguishable from the original. The complete lack of melodic elements has turned the track into a modern sounding dub track, that could have easily been passed off as an original production.

“Rattled” is definitely the most old school sounding track on this EP. It’s a minimalistic track that mostly consist of industrial sounding stabs and echoey vocal chops that give the track a somewhat dreary and desolate feeling. “Rattled” is a track that’s not gonna fit in every set, but those that love the sound of Bodyscrub will probably find it to their liking.

Spektre’s “Road To Nowhere EP” is out now on Driving Forces.

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