Spektre – Sweaty Betty

Spektre - Sweaty Betty

Unity Records has already been a home for artists like Raffaele Rizzi, Mr. Bizz, Loco & Jam and label owner D-Unity, but now the label has risen to even greater heights with a new track from Spektre. The British duo, who needs no further introduction, has a steady track record with more than nine years of releases and continues to reinvent themselves to this day, which is an impressive feat. This EP features their most recent offering, “Sweaty Betty” and comes with additional mixes by Skober and Felix Kröcher.

Spektre’s original track follows the trend of earlier releases like “Behind Closed Doors” and “Erase The Tapes”. Right from the start, the listener is confronted with a dark sub-bass that immediately sets the tone for the track. Layered with gritty, minimalistic percussion, textures of rough, unfiltered basslines and haunting vocal cuts, this stormer of a track doesn’t hold anything back.

Skober manages to lighten the mood a little bit with his interpretation of the track. The rough basses have been replaced by a very subtle bassline, but a thumping kick drum and a piercing snare still lead the way. The vocal parts from the original are also heavily featured in this mix. They’re accompanied by a melodic pad sequence that evolves during the break.

Felix Kröcher’s remix also paints a different picture. The track features light percussion and subtle bass hooks that slightly resemble the basses from the original. Other elements are a thin, rhythmic sequence that repeats throughout the track, ambient stabs and sounds and also the vocals from the original production, which are the main focus of the track.

“Sweaty Betty” is out now on Unity Records.

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