Ida Engberg – Devil Dance EP

After a nearly four month long hiatus (nearly an eternity in this world), Ida Engberg resurfaces with her next EP for Damian Lazarus’ infamous label Crosstown Records. Ida saw past success with recent releases for Truesoul (‘You Know‘), and Drumcode (‘Unanswered Question‘ and ‘The Color Out of Space’). While the rumor was that her next package would see her returning to Beyer’s label, Crosstown Records picks up her two originals and packs the release with  remixes from Ida’s partner and Drumcode label head Adam Beyer, along with Mr.G. Ida Engberg’s first original, A1, is the title track ‘Devil Dance.’ First premiered in Ida’s Drumcode Radio #154 this past summer and originally titled ‘Stoner,’ ‘Devil Dance’ is a synth heavy light industral track with an unexpected vocal. Adam Beyer’s remix crafts the original into a surprisingly bubbly offering with plucks and an exciting bassline while Mr. G’s remixes infuse the track with dub synths and generally darken the track. On the B-side is Ida Engberg’s other original, ‘Silhouette Of A Ghost,’ which is our favorite. The song centers around a stuttered vocal and hard-hitting, head-shaking industrial percussion that has become synonymous with Ida Engberg. This one will rock dancefloors for sure. Check out Ida Engberg’s recent mix for Verboten NYC.

Out now on Crosstown Rebels.