Frazier & Rudosa – Invasion EP

Frazier & Rudosa - Invasion EP

Hailing from the UK, English and Scottish producers Rudosa & Frasier have teamed up for their first release together, which is also their debut on Carl Cox’s Intec label. Having already released on prominent labels such as Respekt and Phobiq (Rudosa) and also Second State and Sleaze (Frazier), the two Brits seek to broaden their reach with their head-turning “Invasion EP”, which has already received support from names like Pan-Pot, Luigi Madonna and Adam Beyer.

First track on the release is “Invasion”, which is fueled by fiery percussion and supported by various synths and a weary vocal cut. The idea of the track is quite simple, for it mostly consists of rigid elements (with the exception of the acid stab), which, I guess, sounds boring on paper, but my listening experience is quite the opposite. It’s a catchy tune that is also quite dynamic and with each element carefully chosen, it definitely hits harder than the sum of its parts.

The second track, “Rotate”, is a tad more melodic, thanks to an intimate pad and a continuously evolving synth loop. Further dynamics come through the help of uplifting shakers, which inject some extra energy into this production, that is uplifting, but not quite convincing for some reason. It comes across as a bit monotone, which is probably for a lack of elements, which makes that this track just isn’t as exciting as its predecessor.

The “Invasion EP” will be out on Friday on Intec.

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