Tom Hades – Subbed


Tom Hades returns to his Rhythm Convert(ed) label as they celebrate their 100th release. This special milestone marks a point of transition for the label as they focus more on live-recorded tracks. The artist roster will be smaller, and each release will feature a beautifully unique piece of artwork.

The title track is long and drawn out, building on the groove with distorted synths to create a hypnotic drone. The main break is brief enough to preserve this effect, but long enough to introduce a snare roll that shapes the energy with the precision of a laser.

“Hotel Devon” is notably softer and deeper, focusing on constant automation and demonstrating that one sound can convey one thousand feelings. The hook that loops for the duration of the track is delightful and bubbly, blending nicely with the delicate beat. This is our favorite tune of the release because it carries unfathomable emotion.

We can tell that Tom went all out this time, and we look forward to finding out what he and the Rhythm Convert(ed) crew have in store for us!

“Subbed” will be released on Rhythm Convert(ed) on February 1st.

One thought on “Tom Hades – Subbed

  1. Joost

    Nice!! Thanks 🙂

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